Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Diaper Sales Down, Rash Cream Sales Up.

Has anyone seen this?

Here is a link to the article: Diaper Sales Down, Rash Cream Sales Up

The article loosely explains and blames the drop in diaper sales and rise in rash cream to the economy. There is no mention of cloth diapers, and there is no mention of Pampers (and others) boasting that their diapers have "12 hour protection" That is just telling parents that it's okay to leave your child in a nasty diaper for 12 hours without changing them.

I may have stirred the pot, but I posted on Pamper's wall that I was disappointed in this claim, as I felt it was encouraging parents to not change their children every 2-3 hours, like they should. Of course I got attacked and asked if I would wake my sleeping child so I could change him, or "my baby sleeps for 12 hours" from all of them.

Would I wake my sleeping child? Heck yes I would. I would have him be awoken briefly if it will prevent a nasty diaper rash. Those diapers are full of junk and chemicals.

Do I think their claim is wrong? Yes, but if you have a baby that sleeps for 12 hours, that's one thing. If you wake up in the morning, put a clean diaper on your baby, then don't change them until bed time, that is WRONG. I think Pampers needs to change their claim to "12 hour night time protection" and not boast that you can leave your kid in the same diaper all day and not worry.

JR gets rashes after wearing pampers for an hour, and now that we've switched to cloth, I've realized how badly the Pampers smell, even when the only thing in them is urine. Why parents would let their children wear a diaper for 12 hours is beyond me.

As for the rash cream sales being up, that's just proving that people aren't changing their babies and letting them get rashes.

It just boggles my mind. Any thoughts on this?

ETA: Someone told me to "get off my high horse", oh the wonderful comments by ignorant people.

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